Summer House

Do you have control over your summer house all year?

QQ截图20160312212442Summer houses and boats are usually not used during winter months. If they are unoccupied for a longer while, they become interesting targets for thieves. Who wants to begin their vacation with a summer house that has been burglarized? We provide complete surveillance systems that don’t cost a fortune.

Keep thieves away and retain your property even at an unoccupied summer house. We have the solution for you to be able to leave your summer house and boat for the winter. We provide flexible surveillance systems at affordable prices!

The systems we provide require access to electricity. If the surveillance target already has internet access, the possibilities are practically unlimited.

Book an appointment at us today, and we will give consultation over your security situation for free, after which we can select a plan that works the best for you. Our systems are also suitable for summer houses, companies, private areas etc. We have the possibility to customize solutions to suit your needs.